Mission accomplished

Project Pierport

Although published here under "Mission Accomplished", Project Pierport is an ongoing survey project from two enthusiastic young ISE Divers. Keep coming back for updates and pictures.

Documentary "Schieferbergwerk Nuttlar"

3rd & 4th of july a team from ISE is going to explore the flooded tunnels of Schieferbergwerk Nuttlar in the middle of germany, producing a documentary of the system. The results can bes seen shortly after the expedition Thanks in advance for their support to: ATS; Bonex & Scubapro.

Project LEROS

An international group of ISE divers, led by ISE´s Spyros Kollas together with Rasmus Dysted, Jochen Grau and Achim Schloeffel traveled to the island of Leros to conduct a survey on some virgin wrecks, producing the material for the second ISE DVD. Thanks to Spyros for all the preparation effort to get us started. We expirienced some world class diving and exploration with a fantastic group of people.


The ISE Exploration Center 7oceans from Horgen/Switzerland had the Chance to participate on the SANTI Orda Trip from 23.11.12 – 01.12.12 in Russia. Tomek Stachura organized the Trip and we had the chance to dive this unique and beautiful cave system. The Swiss Team consisted of 3 ISE Cave Divers, Christina Biner, Christoph Wahrenberger and Helmut Spangler.

The Reef 3.0

Built in 2009 on a sandy patch off Mallorca and revisited in 2010 a team from ISE made a third visit to the little artificial reef during a filming mission.

Search & Discovery of a new wreck in lake Zurich / Switzerland

15th November 2011. A group of technical divers, lead by ISE Instructor Helmut Spangler met at the shore of icy lake zurick to reveal one of its secrets.[preview] The tale of a lost concrete ship is well known and today the divers gathered to finaly solve the mystery. Old newspaper articles and remains of some of the buildings from the time of the sinking helped to locate the spot where the ship was slipped almost 90 years ago.


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Upcoming explorations