Protec Sardinia

Protec Sardinia is THE place for cavediving in europe and one of the few centers in europe specialized in all types of caveing activities - no mater of in- or above the water. 

Center Address :

Kontakt: Thorsten "Toddy" Wälde

ProTec Sardinia - Via Collodi 9
08020 Cala Gonone (NU)'
Sardegna, Italy


+39 3351680168

Opening Hours


Img_5635 Img_5795 Img_5346

Shop: no
Boat: yes


Air: yes
Nitrox: yes
Oxygen: yes
Trimix: yes
Argon: yes


We have serveral excellent wreckdives just in front of the door. 


too many to list them - Bel Torrente, Cala Lune, Utopia, just to name a few.. 


Reef dives are alo possible 

ISE Instruction

available: yes

ISE Instructors from all over europe conduct cave classes in opur facility regularly

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