Seamor Diving School

we are a diving school devoted to making your diving trip / course as fun and enjoyable as possible.

if you're planning a dive trip to the beautifull reef of the RED SEA in EILAT. seamor diving school will be your best choise.

we do not rush to any dive site. we do not rush at all ! !

come visit us . have your morning coffee / tea with us and plan your day.

diving only in small groups (max 4 divers per dive leader).

our diving gear will always fit your needs.

we provide pick ups from your accommodation in town and back at the end of the diving day (no charge).

Center Address :

No 1 Topaz st

Eilat , ISRAEL


Opening Hours

sunday - thursday: 09:00am -17:00pm

friday and sturday: 08:30am -17:30pm


Shop: yes
Boat: no


Air: yes
Nitrox: yes
Oxygen: no
Trimix: no
Argon: no


there are two deep wrecks and one shallow 

The "satil" ( witch mean missile ship in Hebrew) :

location : near to the southern marina

depth :23m - 25m

length : 28m long


it is one of the easiest dive site in Eilat . has a lot of life around and is connected with another deep dive site called the "paradise". so it is possibler to cross the "satil" to the "paradise" at 30 m and come at the end of the dive to the "satil"

The "yatush" an army patrol ship 

location : coral beach

depth :30m - 33m 

length : 15m long

a really cool dive site at the beginning of the coral beach'

at the end of a steep slop that goes down to 20m and then the "yatush" is revealed.

best for experienced divers


a shallow Wreck The "sunboat"

location : north beach of Eilat

depth : 13m - 15m

length : about 15m long

a wreck that was originally sunk so that OPEN WATER divers could reach it .

it is a challenging dive for divers who wants to improve their navigation skills for the visibility is not that good 

considering the pact that the visibility in Eilat is mostly Great . but because the North beach is mostly sandy the visibility could be rough but very changing . the ship accumulated a lot of fish schools around 




beautiful rich reef either in shalow dive up to 10m deep or in deep diver from 18m - 40m+


ISE Instruction

available: yes

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