Diving Basics for Boat Owners

What does that contain?


  • 18 years old
  • medical check


This course will enable boat owners to safely use a small diving set up to inspect or clean their boat or to retrieve an anchor upt to depth of ten meters wehile using basic scuba gear.
Enable the Boat owner to get fills for his tank at a dive shop by showing his certificate.


2 days with a minimum of:
4 hours of lecture
3 Dives


  • 5 liters of tank volume
  • 10 meters depth
  • 20 minutes divetime
  • no 2excurcions - diver has to stay on up-/ downlin


  • Gear
  • Pysiology
  • Techniques
  • Procedures


  • ISE Overview
  • Equipment overview
  • Proper weighting
  • Descending technique
  • Ascending technique
  • Buoyancy
  • Communication
  • Emergencies – how to handle
  • Gas Management
  • Situational awareness
  • Traning Dive Review


basic scuba gear


Location city Start date Instructor Details


Name Country City Details
Alain Dobbelaere Belgium Waarschoot Details
Senne Strobbe België Laarne Details
Achim Schlöffel Germany München Details
Rico Dobbelaere België Waarschoot Details
Jochen Grau DE Nürnberg Details
Florian Symoens Belgium Gent Details
Alwin Merwitz Germany Putzbrunn Details
Alexander Kornek Austria Neudorf Details
Tom Suetens Belgium Waasmunster Details
Colin Richard United States Peoria Details
Juan Naval Philippines Muntinlupa City Details
Jacob Childs Netherlands Amsterdam Details
Stefan Held Netherlands Amsterdam Details
Gregor Dziendziel Austria Vienna Details
Paul-Stefan Krieger Austria Wien Details
Paul Okishev Mexico Playa del Carmen Details