Great News from Greece / P.O.N.D.


Big Success in for ISE´s P.O.N.D. Project in Greece. After more then a year of preparation and a lot of work ISE Instructor Spyros Kollas, in tight cooperation with ISE Headquarter, managed to get granted and exclusiveaccess to Vouliagmeni lake. Some of you may remember the pictures we posted early this year when an inte-national group got first access to the historical as well as geological and biological interesting and and amazing site that is completely closed for any typ of diving. Spyros managed to set up some intial meetings in whichISE was able to present its P.O.N.D. project and some "behind the scenes" views. After this start up ISE conducted a series of dives, documenting and presenting, which convinced the land owners of the quality and mindset of the organization and its goals. Lots of great dives, full of research, survey and data collectingare coming up and we cant wait to see this great project grow to yet another prime example of ISE´s educational- and conservation work. Thanks a gain to Spyros Kollas for his tireless support!

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