Joshua Foo

12 York Hill
Singapore 163012

Mobile: +6586080582

Instructor Level

User Profile Professional

Owner of DiveLab Singapore 

Distributor of Umizaru Expedition Dive System 

User Profile Education

Major In Logistics and Supply chain. 

User Profile Diving Qualification

SSI Instructor / Trainer Level
SSI - Instructor Certifier
SSI - TXR Technical Trimix Instructor Trainer 
TDI - Trimix Instructor 

Diver Level

GUE - Tech 1 Diver 
ISE - E1 Diver 
TDI - Full Cave Diver 
TDI - MCCR KISS Mixed Gas Diver
TDI - ISC Megalodon Advanced Mixed Gas Diver
SSI/TDI - Poseidon MK6/7 Diver 

User Profile Diving Experience

Diving since 1996
Diving Instruction since 2000
 Today I have:
3000+ Ocean Dives
300+hours on KISS MCCR
400+hours on ISC Meg ECCR
80+hours on Poseidon MK6
600+ scooter dives
1000+ Deco Dives 
63 Cave Dives
77 Wrecks Dives 
Deepest Dive - 105m Overhead with MK6 and OC 

User Profile Projects

Song Hong Cave Project 

User Profile Languages

English / Chinese

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