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User Profile Professional

Full time diving instructor.Being a diving instructor,as it looks like your perfect and dream job,actually it is not that easy.More like a way of life that if you want to progress ,you really need to give up so many things.(I love it anyway)

Key for surviving in the actual diving industry is just never stop learning,evolve,advance forward,train hard and aim no less than perfection.People will notice the difference between a guy that teaches the minimun required  and an instructor that works hard to get highter goals.After all we are underwater,an unforgiving and yet fascinating place.Know your skills...and have the most fun out of it.

User Profile Diving Qualification

ISE Exploration diver Lvl1

ANDI CSA lvl 2 Instructor

IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix Instructor

IANTD Essentials Instructor

IANTD Normoxic trimix diver

IANTD Gas blender trimix

EFR Instructor



User Profile Diving Experience

Over 2600 dives in various enviroments.

User Profile Projects

Various Personal projects in Spain in diving where noone have been before...

User Profile Languages

Fluent English

Mother Language Spanish

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