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Instructor Level

User Profile Professional

Manager at Diver's Lodge Dahab

Owner of Fantaseatec Dahab

Owner of Dahab Divers Technical Dahab

Owner of GozoTechnicalDiving Gozo/Malta

User Profile Education

Hotel Business school Lausanne and American Hotel and Motel Association.
International Language school

Marine Biologist specialized in Tilapia and Red Snapper

User Profile Diving Qualification

INNERSPACE Explorers Instructor and Instructor Trainer

Basic of exploration (BOE)
Basic of exploration Extended (BOE +)
Exploration diver level I
Exploration diver level II
Cave Explorer Level I
Cave Explorer Level II
Workshop Survey
Gas Blender


TDI Instructor Trainer all levels

PADI Tec Instructor Trainer all levels

Protec Instructor Trainer all levels

CMAS 3 star Instructor

SDI Instructor Trainer

PADI Master Instructor

BSAC Instructor


User Profile Diving Experience

First dive : 1979

Total Dives : 11'500

2'500 hours on rebreather, 7'500 technical dives on backmount and Sidemount up to full Trimix.

User Profile Publications

Wetnotes, Mare, Buceadores, Plongeur International, Tauchen, Unterwasser, Octopus, Diving Bulgeria (extreme deep), Buceo tek, Plongeur International and the New York Magazine

User Profile Languages

German, French, English, Spanish, Dutch

User Profile Additional

Tom was born in 1965, in Switzerland, 1 km from Bulle (which means Bubble in French!)... He speaks and writes fluently 7 languages (EN, F, D, SP, NL, I & HUNG) and has some good Arabic knowledge. Tom started diving at the age of 16 with an intro dive in Barbados during a holiday, and after returning to Switzerland he decided to start his diving education in Lake Geneva  [Montreux]
90% of all of his diving education took place in the cold and dark Swiss lakes and 10% in the Mediterranean Sea, starting with CMAS and finally PADI, TDI, SDI, EDA, NRC, IANTD, BSAC, PROTEC and IATA (International Advanced Training Association) Instructor.
After 20 years of professional diving he has over 10'500 dives and totaled an amount of 2'500 hours on Rebreathers! Tom has been working all over the world in the diving industry and has also attended many international dive shows where he did some seminars.

He is today an PROTEC Examinator, CMAS M*** Course Director & Examinator, TDI, SDI and PROTEC Course Director PL-7, PADI TECREC (DSAT) Instructor Trainer, PADI Master Instructor, Master Freediving Instructor and finally a BSAC & IANTD Instructor. Tom is specialized in training Instructors in the technical field and his passion is Technical Diving, Sidemount diving, caves, Rebreathers, Nitrox, Trimix and Gas Blending.
He has been training Instructors all over the planet and is one of the most experienced Diving Instructor Trainer's worldwide.
Tom has trained Astronauts at the ESA (European Space Agency) and the Greek Navy and Coast Guards on Rebreather.

He also organised the AIDA Free Diving World Championship at Lake Geneva in 2000, where his team were responsible for the safety of 48 free divers, spending 4 hours non-stop underwater at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius, he was also safety diver for Loic Leferme & Fred Buyle and now for Sarah Campbell (freedivers).
He is also safety diver for Pascal Bernabe and assist him during his training sessions and deep trimix courses. (world record holder of the deepest dive 330 meters below sea level). He was part of many movies that have been done around the globe (see here next)

The second worldwide Reefball project by PADI is also one of his
projects. His 'know how' in Draeger Rebreather means that the Draeger Maintenance and Technology Seminar is one of the most amazing courses that you can take with him. He is also CCR Instructor (Rec and Tec) on one of the most versatile and reliable rebreather of the market "the Voyager Modular".
Tom has also trained Instructors from the most famous dive centres in
the world, including Sinai Divers (Sharm el Sheikh), Sam's Tours
(Palau), Hippoconsulting (France), Euro Divers (Maldives), Sea Explorer (Maldives), Sinai Dive Club (Sharm el Sheikh) and Scuba-Shop's (Switzerland), Deepquest (Switzerland) and many others... He has also worked in collaboration with National Geographic, and trained on Draeger SCR the world famous hyperbarist Dr. Slostman Daniel...

Tom has also written and translated books about Rebreather and Nitrox, posted some interesting reviews on the Internet about diving, and there you'll also find by him some interesting maps from the best dive sites of lake Geneva.

Tom Steiner moved from Egypt after 15 years in Sinai, he came to Gozo in february 2012. In Egypt he was first manager of Dahab Divers Lodge and then owner of 2 dive centers, Fantaseatec at first and then Dahab Divers Technical.
Tom dives exclusively with Apeks products in regulators, Draeger (Dolphin), Azimuth (OMG), Inspiration and Voyager CCR (HBTechnology) in rebreathers, Apex, Stealth 2.0, Heinrichs Weikamp DR5 and Sherwater Pursuit dive computers. His fins which he never changes are his Dive System old school fins...

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