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Lanzarote, canary islands, Spain

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My website: www.thelonghose.com
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I took my first breath underwater more then 25 years ago, I was, whenever it was possible, always in, on or below the surface of the sea.
in 1989 I started diving during a 2 year period in the army.
Spearfishing was my real passion, I dedicated a few years of my life only to that. Being underwater on a single breath, the equipment and discipline made me a better diver, something I like to share with my students..it is all about aquaticity!
Teaching is the thing I like most about (scuba) diving, learning new things and transmitting them to my students.
I still love recreational diving, just being in the water for the sake of being underwater but with the years technical diving has infected me with its virus.
It was not only depth and overhead that attracted me, the idea behind it, configurations and swimming techniques are much more interesting!
I am fulltime instructor for 10 years now and am now working on www.thelonghose.com

I always try to see things with a bit of humor...in the end we look at fish, some steel and old walls of stone in murky water..;-).
Teaching is my passion, and I find my motivation in teaching every course a bit better. 
Out of my own experience I know that being a record deep technical explorer doesn't mean a good Instructor at all.
Teaching is the art..not depth or time..that is if you want to have great students.

User Profile Diving Qualification

IANTD Instructor Trainer (ART)
IANTD Sidemount Instructor Trainer
IANTD Technical Instructor
IANTD Trimix Blender Instructor
IANTD Cavern Instructor
UTD Foundational Instructor (Not active)
UTD Sidemount Instructor
NRC Nitrox Instructor Trainer
DAN Instructor Trainer
EFR Instructor Trainer
CCR Trimix Diver
PSAI cave diver
GUE fundamentals Diver
APEKS Service Technician

PADI Master Instructor (Not active)
TEC DEEP Instructor
DSAT Tec Rec TEC Sidemount Instructor
DSAT TecRec Trimix Gas Blender Instructor

User Profile Projects

Mallorca Med explorers 2010-11

Upcoming project, images "blind white crab" in the atlantida tunnel Lanzarote 2015. " 

User Profile Publications

various magazines and online magazines world wide.

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Dutch, Spanish, English and German

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