ISE stands for InnerSpace Explorers. It is an organization with the intent to promote underwater explorations in all its fascinating aspects. As it was founded in 2008 by internationally renown instructor and explorer Achim R. Schlöffel, the name of the company was chosen with care and purpose. InnerSpace Explorers was founded to support divers around the world, in their desire to receive the best training available. ISE offers the most demanding, challenging and intense training in the industry. Our training is free from all the marketing related advertising style contents, that you may find elsewhere. We are strictly focused on no nonsense education to enhance the thrill, safety and ultimately the fun of 'Your Passion'.


Upcoming Classes


from 2015-05-25 to 2015-05-29 in Malta (Details)

Exploration Diver Level I

from 2015-05-26 to 2015-05-30 in Germany (Details)

Cave Explorer Level I

from 2015-05-28 to 2015-07-12 in Switzerland (Details)


from 2015-05-28 to 2015-06-01 in Cyprus (Details)

Gas Blender

from 2015-05-31 to 2015-05-31 in Switzerland (Details)

New Ise Product

New iSE Fleece Jacket

Fleece Jacket with ISE Logo on the back and optional Personalization on the Shirt collar. to the shop.

Latest Articles

General Update

We would like to inform you about some news within InnerSpace Explorers:  - We rebuilt and launched the ISE Shop where You can now directly purchase ISE merchandize and more.  ... (more)

Manual Update Expl. Diver Level II

We just updated the Exploration Diver Level 2 manual to verion 3.0. The manual is available in english. It is ready for you in the download area. (more)

Manual Update Oxygen Rebreather

Hi,we just updated the Oxygen Rebreather Manual to Version 3.1. It is available in the download section in English and German. Enjoy (more)

Dear ISE Members,   The InnerSpace Explorers Recreational program has been launched and the book for the course is now also available. The Book is available in every book store ... (more)

ISE RB-Wreck Week

Join us on an exclusive wreck diving trip to the Italian Rivera in October! 8 Divers max - Rebreathers prefered - No training - just fun! http://is-expl.com/events/24 (more)

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