Headquarter Staff

ISE´s headquarter staff is responsible for the daily business and and your contact for any questions

Name Title
Mandy Schlöffel Managing Director
Achim Schlöffel President
Alain Dobbelaere Vice President
Mag. Markus Leitner Legal Affairs
Dr. Michael Thalhammer Medical Director
Chantal Del Avara Office Management

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a curriculum that decides about the general direction of ISE and discusses all topics regarding training and standards, membership, etc.

Name Position in BoD
Achim Schlöffel Instructor training and evaluation
Jochen Grau Instructor training and evaluation
Alain Dobbelaere Instructor training and evaluation
Juan Naval Instructor training and evaluation

Instructor Trainers

Instructor Trainers can set up Instructor classes and train future instructors.

Name Subbranch
Achim Schlöffel Technical
Alain Dobbelaere Technical
Jochen Grau Technical
Juan Naval Technical
Jacob Childs Recreational
Florian Symoens Recreational

Quality Control Board

ISE asks every student about his opinion about the class, the instructor and the organisation AND the director of QC reads em all!. in case of an issue the board comes together and desides what to do. By the way. Instructors can NOT read the QAs about their classes. they are only available for the Director of the QCB.

Name Title
Mag. Markus Leitner Committee member
Dr. Michael Thalhammer Committee member
Dr. Christine Krollmann Committee member
Achim Schlöffel Committee member


This is the list of all active instructors. Underneath every course, you can see who is an instructor for that course.

Name Country
Alain Dobbelaere Belgium
Senne Strobbe België
Rico Dobbelaere België
Jochen Grau DE
Florian Symoens Belgium
Tom Suetens Belgium
Juan Naval Philippines
Achim Schlöffel Germany
Sanne Vanden Berghe Belgium
Mike Baudach Spain
Jackie Genuino Philippines
Markus Kircher Austria
Marco Skotnicky Germany
Peter Boros Malta