ISE Structure

InnerSpace Explorers´training is based on a foundational course named "Basics of Exploration" (BoE).
We at ISE like the image of a wall representing the skills and the education of a diver. Depending on the level and the training a person has, some or some more of the bricks in this wall are missing. The BoE is the tool to install those missing bricks and build a solid fundament for all further training to be built on.

As a direct response to our customers needs we allow three different ways of entering the BoE: Open Circuit Backmount / Open Circuit Sidemount / Manual CCR.

Non Divers, entering the sport have an equal level to BoE after their successfull pass of Recreational Diver II.
Divers passing an ISE Sidemount class are equivalent to BoE.
Divers entering the Rebreather World, doing an ISE MCCR class are equivalent to BoE.

Above the foundational Training the techical Levels start. Explorer (trimix) - Cave - Wreck. They can be done in the initial configuration (BM / SM / RB) and are divided in three levels building up on each other.
Various workshops with differnt entry prerequesits allow divers and nondivers to satisfy their needs for special training.