Alain Dobbelaere

Basic info


Dijkstraat 2A
9960 Waarschoot


E-mail Address:
Phone number: +32475491946
Mobile phone: 0032475491946

Instructor Level

Level(s):Expedition Paramedic
Battlefield Repair
Cave Climbing
Workshop Kayak
BoE Rec
BoE Tec
BoE Rec to Tec
Training Assistent
Checkout Dive
Recreational diver level 1
Recreational diver level 2
Cave Cavern
Battlefield Aid
Decompression Theory
Cave explorer level 1
Cave explorer level 2
Wreck explorer level 1
Wreck explorer level 2
Wreck experience
Exploration diver level 1
Exploration diver level 2
Exploration diver level 3
KISS rebreather course
Oxygen rebreather course
pSCR rebreather course
Dive basics for boat users
Eco diver
Workshop scooter
Workshop survey
Workshop buoyany and propulsions
Workshop night and low visibility
Workshop deep blue
Workshop currents and tides
Workshop drysuit
Workshop doubles
Workshop stage
Workshop rescue and response
Workshop exploration photography
Workshop exploration videography
ITC instructor development
Workshop Navigation and search
KISS Sidewinder course
Cave CCR
Cave explorer level 1 mCCR
Cave explorer level 2 mCCR
Exploration diver level 1 mCCR
Exploration diver level 2 mCCR
Wreck explorer level 2 mCCR
Wreck explorer level 1 mCCR