Orda Cave Russia

The ISE Exploration Center 7oceans from Horgen/Switzerland had the Chance to participate on the SANTI Orda Trip from 23.11.12 – 01.12.12 in Russia. Tomek Stachura organized the Trip and we had the chance to dive this unique and beautiful cave system. The Swiss Team consisted of 3 ISE Cave Divers, Christina Biner, Christoph Wahrenberger and Helmut Spangler.

The flight was from Zürich to Moscow, then from Moscow to Perm/Ural. From Perm we continued the Trip by car for 3 more hours.
The weather was ok, but the last 2 days the temperature goes down to -31degrees.

The condition in the cave was nearly perfect. Cristal clear water, water temperature 5-6 degrees. The dive center on the spot is quite well organized, and we could do 2 dives every day. The accommodation is basic, but you have nearly everything you need, except of showers, and the toilettes are very very basic.

We were lucky to meet Sergey, a Russian Cave Instructor who knows the cave very well. He gave us a more than good briefing, and showed us where we can find the most interesting spots in the cave.

Orda itself is a typical Ural village with mostly wooden houses. Felt a little bit like a trip back into time.
We have to say a big thank you to Tomek Stachura for organizing this amazing trip, and for all the nice pictures he gave us.
The trip was really an unforgettable experience, and we are sure to go back to the Ordinskaya Cave to dive it again.

7Oceans, Helmut Spangler

Some pictures