Sidemount Diving

What does that contain?


  • Must be 16 years old and above.
  • Must be certified as an ISE BoE Diver min.
  • Must be able to swim 15 m on a breath hold.
  • Must meet the general fitness level for the sport
  • Purpose

    The ISE Sidemount is a course dedicated to cultivating comfortable, competent and confident divers in the use of sidemount gear. It allows them to maximize aquatic fun and safety. This course is also to prepare them for continuation in ISE technical, cave and wreck courses in Sidemount configuration (must be BoE certified to apply for any Level 1 training). It also builds a solid foundational skill level for divers, so as to be able to undertake all sorts of future advance scuba training easily.


    This class will be conducted over a duration of generally 3 days.


    • Student to instructor ratio will not exceed 3:1 in all in-water and surface sessions.
    • Maximum training depth of 20 m.
    • No decompression.
    • No overhead environment (i.e caves).


    • Gear
    • Pysiology
    • Techniques
    • Procedures


    Location city Start date Instructor Details
    Belgium Gent 2021-03-13 Florian Symoens Details
    Philippines Batangas 2021-05-01 Juan Naval Details
    Belgium Assenede 2021-06-07 Alain Dobbelaere Details


    Name Country City Details
    Alain Dobbelaere Belgium Waarschoot Details
    Senne Strobbe België Laarne Details
    Achim Schlöffel Germany München Details
    Rico Dobbelaere België Waarschoot Details
    Jochen Grau DE Nürnberg Details
    Florian Symoens Belgium Gent Details
    Juan Naval Philippines Muntinlupa City Details